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Like many other cellists, I've made endpin stoppers for my own use, using a small, thin board with holes, and connecting it to the chair with a cord or a strip of leather

Eventhough they are thin and foldable, these little boards tend to take up too much space and are not very pretty.

So, I thought of using an adjustable leather cord, instead. At its end, I attached a wooden "knob" with a hole in it to plant the endpin of my cello.

I have learned how to use a wood lathe especially for making the objects offered on this website . . . (and, so far, only use it for this purpose!)


The JC ENDPIN STOPPER consists of a 5mm-wide leather cord and a wooden knob of about 42mm in diameter. The knob is backed with non-slip rubber padding.

The adjustable cord extends to a maximum of about 84cm (measured from the chair leg to the endstop). Longer lengths are available on request.

The minimum length is approximately 50cm.

You can also wrap the cord around the chair leg to reduce the distance (1 wrap = 42 cm / 2 wraps = 35 cm).

The weight of the JC ENDPIN STOPPER depends upon the type of wood used, but in any case does not exceed 50g.


The JC ENDPIN STOPPER is available in various types of wood, from ordinary to precious woods.

The wood comes in a simple, un-stained, waxed finish: the natural color remains visible and can still be appreciated.


Due to the fact that color and grain may vary within any particular type of wood, the model you receive may not be the exactly the same as that which is shown in the photo. Therefore, the photo is non-contractual.


Olivier.jpgIvoire Rose.jpgCocobolo.jpgBuis.jpg

The leather cord is stained but not waxed, allowing it to slide more easily.

You can also add an extra cord to the endstopper which will attach to the right leg of the chair,
allowing you to center the knob.